How to Buy a Used Car : Buying a Used Car Without Cash

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Recycled Parts Used On Your Car?

In the last few years repairing your vehicle after an accident has been changing. Recycled car parts are now being an option that insurance companies are offering customers. Should you let your vehicle be fixed with recycled parts? How good are recycled parts? These are questions that customers need to ask themselves before choosing this option when their car is being repaired. Let us take a closer look at recycled parts and what they actually mean to you.

Recycled car parts come from junk yards or salvage yards as some people like to call them. Many people are on the impression that these used car parts will do the job for you. It will cost you less and the insurance company will also pay much less for these parts. The real question are these parts something you should consider. Recycled parts are used and come off similar vehicles like your own. The one problem with these parts is you really do not know how much life they have left in them. In other words they could last a week or years this is the chance you take with recycled parts. The other big disadvantage is these parts come as-is which means no refund is given. If the part breaks it could cost you more money out of your own pocket. Many times no warranty is given so the consumer is usually the one left footing the bill when it does break.

In the end getting recycled parts could comes down to a couple of things. If the part is minor such as tail light lenses and not electrical than recycled parts can be used with good effectiveness. Parts though such as doors, fenders or other things that need to be precise after an accident should always be new. This way you know you’re getting a good fit and the replacement part will continue to perform for years. Recycled parts can save you money, but as a replacement part many times you do not know how long it will last. The only real advantage of recycled car parts is it will save you money, but over the long haul it’s not a good investment.

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GM CEO Rick Wagoner – Fuel Economy and the Auto Industry

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Third party insurance

It has been regulated by Road and Transport authorities and is now compulsory to buy third party insurance which compensates the victims with personal injuries involved in the accident if the vehicle is registered. This of course is not something most people think about when shopping around for cheap auto insurance. The aim of third party insurance is to minimize the impact of accidents on the injured drivers or passengers involved in. It is so difficult to deal with injuries which could be physical, emotional or financial. Third party insurance has numerous advantages for the victims, the road users who could be cyclists, passengers and pedestrians. This service is available throughout the day and seven days a week.

The major services include are the cover for injuries to the driver based on the proportion of the fault, provide adequate compensation for medical and hospital costs and any associated expenses, also can compensate for loss of work time, for pain, suffering and loss of function. It also has the provision of reducing payments to the victims who find hard to follow the basic road rules. This third party insurance cover does not compensate for the damage to the car/vehicle or other property.

The procedures have been clearly laid down and for the claim the accident report form needs to be completed by the registered owner of the vehicle and there is injury claim form to be completed by the injured persons who want to claim compensation for their injuries.

The third party insurance policies are amended regularly and the recent change is to provide facilities and access to the all the injured parties irrespective of who is at fault. The procedures also ensure that the compensation or the help is available to the concerned parties without being hassled. It is the constant effort of the authorities and the associated parties to simplify the procedures so that they are quick and the services are made to the concerned grieved parties as quickly as possible.

The third party insurance provides provisions for the injured party a cover under which claim can be made unlimited liability for personal injury and also provides access to common law in which the injured person can approach law for monetary compensation for personal injury and associated damages. The third party insurance is designed in such a way that it offers a safety net against unreasonable third party claims.
There are several legal firms who are involved in litigation on behalf of the injured and claim to get the best compensation financially.

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